Fun Friday Links #2

It’s been a busy week at the GCM getting our web stuff moved to a new server so things have been a bit quiet on the blog. We’ll be back with more posts next week but I do have a few fun links to keep you occupied as you wait for the weekend to arrive.

» I’m currently swithering over whether to sign up for The Scavenger Project. It’s a great idea, whereby everyone who signs up has to create 24 pieces of visual art representing the 24 things on a list sent to you. You post your work back to the organisers and they make a book out of the entries. The only thing holding me back is the idea of making 24 things by the middle of November. It’s only $19 dollars to enter though and you’re guaranteed a spot in the book so if you’re the prolific type give it some thought!

» If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also the Generic Zine Exchange tugging at my sleeve. I would LOVE to do this but again, the chances of me making a brand new zine by the middle of November seems unlikely given my past history of zine-making. I’m hoping to convince myself though as you do get 20 zines back and I love zines.

» I hate to be the first person to bring up Christmas but for us crafty folks, it is fast approaching. Are you ready for the busiest season of the year? Connie at The Tiny Fig has posted an extremely helpful Holiday Prep Guide on her blog which will almost certainly make you realise you’re nowhere near ready. It’s written with Etsy in mind, but her tips are relevant for anyone selling online.

» Craft Market season is also upon us (some of us will see you at the Dennistoun Craft Fair tomorrow!). If it’s your first time selling at a market, Etsy just posted up some tips on how to rock the holiday craft shows. It’ll help you with what to bring, how to arrange your stall and how to engage with your customers. Good luck!

» I also can’t go without mentioning the new blog project by me and fellow mafioso Claire. Super Cute Kawaii! is all about handmade cuteness and Japanese kawaii. Come over for a read, or submit your stuff via the Flickr Group. Yay!

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