Working 5 to 9

GCM’s own Miso Funky is interviewed as part of Working 5 to 9, a new book by Emma Jones of Enterprise Nation!

It’s all about how to start a successful business in your spare time, which is something our members are very familiar with. It really is a great way to get your business going without the pressures of paying the bills.

Claire of Miso Funky is one of 60 businesses interviewed in the book with tips and advice on how to juggle a successful business and a full time job. It’s out in bookshops next week but if you’d like to pre-order a copy just click on the widget below.

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Emma Jones, founder of the home business website Enterprise Nation and author of ‘Spare Room Start Up’, delves into the working 5pm to 9pm trend and profiles 60 people who are running successful businesses outside of their normal office hours, everything from writing, baking and accounting, to magic, music and even pig farming! She offers over 50 ideas of businesses you can run in your spare time and looks at franchise ideas that can be run in the same way.

There’s advice on starting a business, sales, marketing, technology and how to maintain your social life whilst working 5 to 9.

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